An online advertising campaign pushes Cili Pica internet sales skywards

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, November 25, 2002 – An internet-only advertising campaign recently launched by Cili Pica chain has resulted in a four-fold increase in online pizza sales. The campaign has been developed by Cili specialists working in close cooperation with Metasite marketing communications consultants.

While the chain has chosen not to release exact sales figures to the public, Cili management confirmed that large numbers of internet-based pizza orders have been received and delivered by Cili since the launch of the upgraded ecommerce website in the middle of July of this year, allowing Cili to reach a positive ROI on the investment in the redesign project in just under five months. Satisfied with the shattering success of the initial project, the company is considering additional investments to further expand its Internet offerings.

In May 2002 the leading Lithuanian chain of pizza restaurants had hired Metasite consultants to upgrade its internet-based ordering system, seeking to improve usability and customer appeal, expecting to generate larger Internet sales volumes, reach higher customer satisfaction levels and reduce operational costs.

During a two month engagement that followed, Metasite business consultants, cognitive engineers and software developers worked with Cili Pica specialists to streamline and optimise the online ordering process, design an appealing user experience and deploy a customized ecommerce platform based on the Tsunami™ XR application server. The resulting system has been directly integrated with Cili call center, making it possible to confirm customer orders online in under 2 minutes on the average.

During the months following the launch, Metasite had been monitoring the site’s business performance, providing further tune-ups and optimisations both in the related business processes, online user interfaces and the core technology platform when needed.