Global design guru Artemy Lebedev to lead a seminar and a masterclass in the Design for Humans event in Vilnius organized and sponsored by Metasite

VILNIUS, 20 October 2006 – During an event organized by Metasite, the globally recognized industrial, web and graphic design guru Artemy Lebedev will be conducting a seminar and a practical masterclass primarily targeted at product designers, web artists, media producers and other creative types.

The event will take place on November 13, 2006 at Forum Palace in Vilnius, Lithuania. For details on the event and registration instructions please visit (currently only available in Lithuanian).

Artemy Lebedev is the founder of Art. Lebedev Studio, the largest design company in Russia actively engaged in industrial design, graphic design, web design, and interface engineering. Employing over 170 people in Moscow and Kiev, Art. Lebedev Studio counts Microsoft, Alfa Bank, Hewlett-Packard, IKEA, Nokia, Samsung, MTV, General Motors, Sony BMG, Xerox, Renault, Lucent, and Mc Donald’s among its numerous clients. Yandex, the leading Russian search engine, has also been designed by Art. Lebedev Studio.

Not limiting itself to award winning web design, Art. Lebedev Studio is the creative force behind the Samsung Sweetheart microwave oven, Optimus keyboard, Rozetkus power strip, Saturum armchair, Sine Wireless remote lightning control, Mus2 computer mouse, and numerous other tangible objects.

The Studio’s diverse productions range from mobile phone WAP browser interfaces to food store graphic navigation systems, TV commercials and radio ads.

Art. Lebedev’s team describes its job as “finding the most comfortable, beautiful, and simplest solution to a problem and make sure the meaning doesn’t get lost”.

“At Metasite, we are thrilled to have this opportunity to host Artemy in Vilnius and help him connect with the Lithuanian web, graphic and industrial design community,” said Mante Januskeviciene, Head of Mobile Services and Internet Solutions at Metasite. “This will definitely be an event to remember for years to come.”