Metasite assists Bitė GSM in building Bitė Online for Business service in Lithuania

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, April 15, 2005 – During Q1 2005, Metasite product development and software engineering team worked with Bitė to bring Bitė Online for Business service to the Lithuanian market.

The collaboration covered upgrading the popular Bitė Online service for residential customers with new features and functionality tailored to the corporate market, installing new interfaces and introducing a number of other improvements.

The original Bitė Online service for residentials was launched in November 2004, following another successful Bitė-Metasite collaboration.

Bitė Online can be explored at

About Bitė GSM:

With over 927,000 customers using its network, Bitė GSM is the second largest mobile telecommunication company in Lithuania according to the revenue, providing its customers with comprehensive mobile connection, data transmission and internet services. 100 percent owned by the Danish group TDC, Bitė GSM has been operating in Lithuania since 1995.

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