Metasite assists Bitė Latvija mobile operator in development and launch of the BITE Online service in Latvia

RIGA, October 15, 2005 – Metasite Business Solutions worked with Bitė Latvija telecommunications operator to develop and launch the first modern mobile service in the Latvian market to be sold and serviced exlusively via the Internet.

The revolutionary BITE Online service allows customers to order, pay and get the service activated directly through the website without spending time in a physical Bitė Latvija outlet or visiting a bank. Following a couple of months of development, BITE Online service was successfully launched on 14 October 2005, offering the best tariffs in the Latvian market for local and international calls as well as SMS (tariff comparison data valid for the date of launch).

According to J. T. Eriksen, CEO of Bitė Latvija, the BITĖ online service is the fastest and most convenient way to use the mobile services – anyone can become a BITĖ customer in less than a minute, without leaving home or the office. Ordered SIM cards will be delivered to the customer’s addresses in 2-3 days.

Metasite Business Solutions was engaged by Bitė Latvija to lend its expertise during the development of the online self-service frontend and optimization of the online user experience in order to ensure convenience and ease of use for the customers of the BITE Online service.

Collaboration on BITE Online further extends the relationship between Bitė Latvija and Metasite Business Solutions that has been started earlier this year, with Metasite providing assistance in the development of other online and mobile properties of Bitė Latvija.