Metasite-developed business information portal awarded the E-Publication of the Year title by Infobalt Association

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, October 28, 2002 – The Verslo Banga (Business Wave) Internet portal has been given the Publication of the Year award at the international Infobalt information society technology exhibition. The portal has been developed and launched in early 2002 by the Bitė GSM mobile telecommunications company in close cooperation with a Metasite business consulting and systems engineering taskforce.

The award has been granted to Verslo Banga portal in recognition of its contribution to the development of information society in Lithuania.

“The Verslo Banga portal brought new internet media quality standards into reality,” noted Liudvikas Andriulis, “Verslo Banga” project manager at Bitė GSM. “With unique content and rapidly growing business user base, the portal has well proven its viability.”

“Having contributed to the development of the Verslo Banga business portal, we are naturally delighted to learn of the recognition it earned at the Infobalt event,” said Aldas Kirvaitis, Managing Director of Metasite. “We look forward to continue our fruitful cooperation with Bitė GSM, which has already resulted in a variety of successful and innovative internet products being delivered to the market during the last 24 months.”

The news on the Infobalt award closely follows the launch of innovative MMS-based services jointly developed by Metasite and Bitė GSM.