Metasite develops a public website for KazMunaiGaz, a vertically integrated oil and gas company

VILNIUS, 13 December 2005 – Metasite Business Solutions completed the development of a public website for KazMunaiGaz, the vertically integrated oil and gas giant currently supplying the Mazeikiu Nafta oil refinery with crude and seeking to acquire a controlling state in the refinery.

Employing over 30,000 people in its principal company and the network of subsidiaries, the Kazakhstan government-owned KazMunaiGaz is one of the key players in the global energy industry, accounting for over 30% of all the oil extracted in Kazakhstan and for over 60% of the refinery operations. Since July 2005, KazMunaiGaz (through its KazTransOil subsidiary) has supplied the Mazeikiu Nafta refinery with 1.3m metric tons of crude and is slated to deliver up to 500 thousand metric tons more before the end of the year.

Accessible via the web address, the KazMunaiGaz Lithuanian website aims to introduce the Lithuanian public to KazMunaiGaz, reflect KazMunaiGaz activities in Lithuania and throughout the globe, as well as provide information about KazMunaiGaz development strategy, principal business areas, corporate structure, social and environmental policies and other relevant topics.

As KazMunaiGaz activities in Lithuania develop, the website will serve as a starting point for those interested in various aspects of KazMunaiGaz strategy and operations as well as the country of Kazakhstan.

About KazMunaiGaz:

KazMunaiGaz is a leading vertically integrated oil and gas company, with over 45 structures and companies providing a full cycle of upstream and downstream services, in addition to building oil industry infrastructure and providing telecommunications and transport services.

The Kazakh government owns 100% of KazMunaiGaz shares.