Metasite develops and manages e-channel offerings for the Sampo pensions campaign

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, December 2, 2003 – Metasite completed a fast-paced consulting and development project for Sampo financial services group that was started back in August, 2003. Focused on leveraging the online channels in Sampo pensions promotional campaign, the project took four months and produced both tangible results and invaluable learning experience for the organisations involved.

During the course of the engagement, a website balancing educational and promotional material on the pension reform in general and Sampo pension offerings in particular was built ( Seeking to draw traffic to the website, an Internet advertising campaign covering major Lithuanian online portals and the Google search engine was launched, employing next generation interactive ad formats and producing conversion rates consistently exceeding industry averages. A direct email marketing campaign was also designed and carefully executed, providing existing Sampo customers with personalized offerings.

“During the Sampo pensions campaign, we helped the client to employ our proven methods for capturing and analysing customer behaviour, providing the client’s sales people with pre-qualified leads and tracking the key campaign metrics in real time,” said Aldas Kirvaitis, Managing Director of Metasite. “We were also able to test our newly developed mobile campaign-monitoring platform in field conditions, depicting the dynamics of key campaign indicators with constantly updated colour charts displayed on screens of mobile phones as well as conventional PC terminals.”

While preparing for the campaign, cross-channel connections were formed, ensuring that online sales lead data is fed to Sampo customer service representatives and call center staff for further processing.

“The Sampo pensions ad campaign reached 65.5% of the total Lithuanian online population,” commented Mr. Kirvaitis. “With over 10% of those reached by the campaign requesting pension size estimates to be provided by Sampo, the campaign set the new standards for efficiency in lead generation. It must be noted though that such results cannot be easily replicated in industries other than financial services or telecommunications. The resulting conversion rates largely depend on the nature of the offering; other promotions may not have a similar mass appeal.”