Metasite educated Members of the Lithuanian Parliament on modern e-business concepts

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, January 29, 2001 – Metasite, a leading e-business professional services company in the Baltics, was invited to participate in the hearings of the Information Society Committee of the Parliament of Lithuania, and did a presentation named “E-business: concepts, contexts, opportunities and threats”.

During the first half of the today’s one-hour-long seminar Mr. Aldas Kirvaitis, Managing Director of Metasite, presented the MPs with various e-business concepts and analysis of e-business applications in diverse business areas. A lot of attention was dedicated to the discussion of e-business’ impact on the economy. Transaction economics and value chain modelling were covered among other topics.

Second half of the presentation focused on the recommendations of Metasite consultants concerning the immediate actions the Government should be taking to accelerate the adoption of e-business in the Lithuanian business sector.

“We were encouraged to prepare this presentation by the immense interest of the newly elected MPs in the issues of the new economy,” – said A. Kirvaitis. – “Today more and more business leaders and politicians come to an understanding that e-business cannot be considered just an IT application. The e-business phenomenon is yet another wave of business process optimisations, resembling the total quality management or enterprise resource planning revolutions that swept over the Western Europe and the United States years ago. E-business does not merely present an opportunity to bring more efficiency into the operations of the Lithuanian enterprises, but also to create a solid foundation for state-level PR activities.”