Metasite helps NORD/LB Latvija and Bitė Latvija develop a new solution enabling online credit-card payments for mobile services

RIGA, 17 October 2005 – Metasite Business Solutions collaborated with the NORD/LB Latvija bank and the Bitė Latvija telecommunications operator in development of a solution enabling online credit-card payments for the BITE Online mobile service.

The developed solution makes it possible for users of Bitė Latvija’s newly launched BITE Online mobile service to top-up their accounts with credit or debit cards issued by any Latvian bank by following a streamlined two-step procedure on the website.

In less then six weeks, a team of Metasite consultants and engineers completed the task of integrating the bank’s internet card payments system interface with the frontend and backend of the BITE Online service, enabling seamless two-way user transition between the two systems.