Metasite maps customer touchpoints and improves client experiences at Bitė GSM

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, May 29, 2004 – Metasite management consulting team completed a two-month assignment at Bitė GSM, a leading Lithuanian mobile telecommunications operator.

Metasite consultants were commissioned by Bitė GSM to assist in developing customer touchpoint maps and identifying opportunities for further improving Bitë customer experiences.

“In a saturated mobile telecommunications market like Lithuania, customer service is one of the key factors of competition. At BITE, we are devoted to continuous customer service improvement in order to create flawless and, ideally, memorable customer experiences.,” – said Vytautas Kaikaris, Executive Assistant to Bitė GSM CCO and Bitė CRM Project Manager. – “Contributing to our extensive internal customer experience improvement programs, Metasite consultants offered fresh insights, provided well defined frameworks and acted as catalysts for new internal CRM-related initiatives.”

“The Bitė project provided us with an opportunity to apply our original Customer Touchpoint Mapping and Optimisation methodology in a new context. Originally developed for and used by our clients within the retail financial services sector, the CTMO techniques proved to be largely adaptable to the telecommunications industry,” said Aldas Kirvaitis, Managing Director of Metasite. “Finding ways to improve a customer service that is already great is never easy, and in this sense the Bitė assignment was a real tough challenge. I have to note that Bitë managers directly responsible for customer service proved to be extremely responsive, willing to dedicate their time and very open to suggestions, which made our job considerably easier.”

Customer Touchpoint Mapping and Optimisation (CTMO) is a part of comprehensive CRM consulting services porftolio that Metasite is offering to medium and large sized companies in the financial services, telecommunications and energy industries.

About Bitė GSM:

With over 700,000 customers using its network, Bitë GSM is the second largest mobile telecommunication company in Lithuania according to the revenue, providing its customers with comprehensive mobile connection, data transmission and internet services. 100 percent owned by the Danish group TDC, Bitė GSM has been operating in Lithuania since 1995.