Metasite pioneers the development of MMS-based services in the Baltics

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, October 24, 2002. – Metasite, a leading Lithuanian management consulting, marketing communications and IT solutions provider, designed and engineered the first mobile entertainment and business services utilizing the MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) technology in Lithuania.

MMS services titled MMS City Plans, Mobile Girls and MMS Kisses were developed for Bite GSM, the 2nd largest Lithuanian mobile telecommunications operator. Ideju Namai and HNIT-Baltic Geoinfoservisas also contributed to the projects.

“At Metasite, our vast experience in developing business and entertainment applications based on internet and mobile technologies helped to position ourselves as both a mobile services builder and a reliable technology partner for third parties interested in reaching out to the rapidly expanding audience of MMS-enabled phone users”, – says Sarunas Chomentauskas, Metasite deputy director. – “The MMS-based services presented earlier this month to the Bite GSM user audience are but a small step toward the upcoming MMS revolution. Even today we are busy collaborating with various partners on other MMS applications. Many companies are already aware that MMS will inevitably grow big, becoming a standard feature in every handheld.”

Metasite market analysts do not envision a massive take-off for MMS in Lithuania before 4Q 2003 or 1Q 2004, when MMS-enabled phones become widely available to the mainstream users, but the consultancy is actively engaged in preparations for the boom. “We understand MMS adoption speed will be largely influenced by the availability of MMS-based services,” says Mr. Chomentauskas. “By building viable entertainment and business services relying on MMS today, we are effectively contributing to the promotion of the standard.”