Metasite presented the 2008 Baltic E-Banking Report results during the 14th Baltic Financial Forum in Riga

RIGA-TALLINN-VILNIUS, 29 – 30 September 2008 – Metasite Business Solutions participated in the 14th Baltic Financial Forum (annual conference “Banking and Finance in the Baltics”) in Riga, Latvia, where the key findings from the 2008 Baltic E-Banking Report, the 6th annual pan-Baltic e-banking research study, were presented by our research team.

The annual Baltic E-Banking Report analyses functionality, usability and performance of the public websites and e-banking systems operated by every Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian retail bank (39 in total this year) – all from a customer’s perspective. The 2008 Baltic E-Banking Report features 500+ distinct criteria with 19500+ data points recorded and analyzed.

The full 2008 Baltic E-Banking Report or country-specific report versions are now available for ordering online.

“This year Mobile banking section has been updated and fully integrated into the report; we also updated Clarity testing to obtain more objective and comparable results”, says Mantė Januškevičienė, Chief Operating Officer of Metasite. “We are grateful for the constructive feedback from Baltic banking executives and domain specialists. This feedback helped us in our efforts to optimise various aspects of the study and we intend to strongly encourage it in the future”.

Originally launched in 2003, The Baltic E-Banking Report has become a de facto standard for benchmarking the effectiveness and efficiency of e-channel offerings by every Baltic bank and is being subscribed to by all the major Baltic financial services providers as well as individual banks.