Metasite supplies billing system for a leading cable TV provider

VILNIUS, May 5, 2009 – Metasite was hired to develop and deploy a fully featured billing application for the Vilnius-based Vinita, the leading Lithuanian cable TV provider. During an almost 12-months long engagement, Metasite worked with Vinita managers and specialists detailing the business vision, defining the needs for new functionality, planning information architecture, designing and engineering the user interface and backend databases. Following a 3-month beta testing period, the completed billing system was deployed to production.

The functionality of the cable TV billing system supplied by Metasite includes customer and contract management, services management, a variety of financial functions including full customer accounts and payments management, integration with cash registers, data integration with banking institutions, customer bills preparation and formating for various communication channels used by the client, customer blacklist management, electronic devices management as well as reporting and data quality assurance engines.

Following the successful implementation of the cable TV billing system at Vinita, the system will be next deployed at Kaunas-based cable TV service provider Init, which belongs to the same group.