Next generation multiplatform Bitė GSM consumer portal unveiled

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, May 15, 2003 – Metasite, a leading Baltic management consulting and technology solutions firm, has worked with a leading Lithuanian mobile telecommunications operator Bitė GSM to complete a first ever fully multiplatform consumer portal in Lithuania,

Bitė GSM was willing to upgrade its corporate web presence as part of a wider rebranding effort. The new Bitė website is fully accessible not only via a conventional PC-based web browser, but via both WAP enabled cellphones and a variety of handheld computers as well, in effect being available to the widest audience of Internet users currently possible.

“As mobile office and wireless connectivity technologies are spreading rapidly, the demand for multiplatform websites is naturally poised to go up. Bitė therefore felt compelled to address this trend in carrying out the recent upgrade of its corporate web presence,” – said Liudvikas Andriulis, Bitė GSM Business Solutions unit project manager. – “Along with applications of progressive new technologies, the new Bitė website excels in more efficient and convenient navigation and design solutions. We believe a successful website needs to be designed in client-centric way and be easy to use in any client situation.”

During the two weeks following the launch of the Bitė GSM website, it has been visited by over 70 thousand users – a 30 percent increase compared to a similar period just before the website upgrade.

“The challenge to build a new and improved version of an already award winning Bitė GSM corporate website has been met with enthusiasm at Metasite”, – said Aldas Kirvaitis, Managing Director of Metasite. – “Delivered on time and on budget, the project has been a definitive success. A variety of both technical and conceptual innovations have been utilized in the development process, making the new Bitė corporate web presence an instant best practice example. We look forward to further fruitful collaborations with Bitė in the future.”