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Meet our people

Hi there! Let us introduce ourselves. We design and develop amazing digital products and software to help global financial industry giants and fintech start-ups to improve the quality of life for millions of users. Our work has a significant impact, which is why we place a strong emphasis on excellence. We continuously explore the latest technology trends and tools, prioritise quality, and are always learning. We enjoy a dynamic, meritocratic, flat-hierarchy culture and embrace Agile ways of working.

But don’t just take our word for it – see what our employees have to say:


Team Lead and BA Head

“I love it when we help our clients see a better direction than the one they had originally thought about. I can confidently say joining Metasite was one of the best decisions in my life!”


Team Lead

“Metasite is an exciting hub of challenging projects, where each day brings a new opportunity for learning. I have the privilege to work alongside true professionals, forming an empowered team that thrives in shared success. Being part of this vibrant environment has undeniably accelerated my professional growth.”


Senior Frontend Developer

“#MetasiteLife is like a road trip with your friends – full of challenges and opportunities. You never know what’s waiting for you around the corner; new technology or a tool, a new project or a new colleague.”


Head Of People & Culture

“It’s a place where your well-being matters most, and where you can experience the true meaning of empowerment and fulfilment.”


QA Competence Lead

“At Metasite, I see the bigger picture and my work is impactful. This gives me wings!”


Senior Software Engineer

“Metasite enables me to constantly push my limits, fuel my creativity, and grow alongside an exceptional team, while offering opportunities for advancement.”

By joining a strong team of professionals, you can elevate your knowledge and enhance your professional competencies.

Open Positions

Our Values

Excellence in everything we do

We believe in excellence in everything we do, and our digital products and systems handle trillions of dollars, euros, and pounds and help millions of people manage their finances. In order to earn the trust of our clients, we have to be excellent in all that we deliver. If you’re the type of person who strives for quality, we may be the perfect fit for each other.

Long term relationships

We value long-term relationships and strive to establish trust with the world’s leading financial institutions. These relationships often last for decades, and we believe that the key to maintaining them is a long-term approach to employer-employee relations. We aim to make every team member happy and listen to their needs in order to keep them with the company as long as possible.

Curiosity and growth

We believe in continuously improving ourselves and are always looking for better ways to do things. We are driven by curiosity and growth and enjoy sharing our discoveries with our clients, partners, and each other. If you share this passion for learning and growth, Metasite is the place for you.

What We Offer

Professional development

We have an annual training budget for every team member and encourage participation in knowledge-sharing sessions and local or global conferences to support professional development. Our competence leads will ensure that your technology knowledge is always up to date.

Flexible everything

We are flexible about where and when you work, whether you prefer to be in our office in the heart of Vilnius, work remotely, or have specific working hours that you discuss with your manager. We also offer the option of workations, as long as you have a good internet connection.

Flat hierarchy

We are proud of our people and believe in empowering them, which is why we have a flat hierarchy. Decisions are well thought out, but they are made quickly by people like you and me. This means that ideas come to life quickly at Metasite.

Referral bonuses

We have a referral bonus for recommended employees who are hired, so if you have a friend you want to work with or know someone who could add value to our team, this is a great opportunity.


Work-life balance is important to us, and we understand that it means different things to different people. Some of us prefer traditional 9 to 5 working hours, while others prefer to work from any location at any time. Some bring their pets to work, while others take time to go for a bike ride or nap in the middle of the day. We prioritise well-being over burnout.


At Metasite, we have a strong culture of recognizing and expressing appreciation for each other’s accomplishments and excellence through the use of Kudos. These can be exchanged for real gifts, such as coupons or branded merchandise, or you can choose to donate under your name.

Well-being benefits

Each member of the Metasite team is provided with private health and accident insurance coverage, so you can lead an active lifestyle and engage in sports with peace of mind. Speaking of sports, the company also covers participation in certain sporting events. And don’t worry about the flu – we’ll sort out your vaccine if you wish. We also have 2 fully covered sick days without the need to see a doctor. And if you’re not feeling unwell but just need a little rest, the office has a well-equipped nap room.

A positive relationship with food

We believe that food brings people together, which is why our monthly business update meetings are referred to as “Monthly Breakfasts,” knowledge-sharing sessions are accompanied by pizzas, and any other occasions are an opportunity to have a group lunch. Our kitchen is well-equipped and stocked with a variety of snacks (fruit, vegetables, nuts, chocolate, ice cream, etc.) for all tastes. There is always some porridge or granola available if you don’t have time to eat breakfast at home.

Free parking

We offer free parking for everyone, regardless of position, status, distance from home, or years of employment.

Metasite Office in Vilnius

Metasite’s office is in the heart of Vilnius – Šeimyniškių st. 19, an innovative workspace incorporating principles of wellbeing, sustainability and flexibility! 🙌

Ergonomic workstations

To better suit the needs of our people and promote a healthier working environment.

Spaces for different styles of working

For brainstorms, co-creation, teamwork, 1-on-1 meetings, conference calls.

Spacious car park

Plus an electric car charging station nearby!

A nap room!

For those moments when you feel just need to reboot in absolute darkness 🧘

Coffee gourmet corner ☕

With a coffee making machine chosen by our coffee fanatics

Outdoor terrace

When you want to breathe in some fresh air while gazing at the Gediminas Castle Tower!

Relaxation areas

A gaming zone with table games, an Xbox, table football ⚽


Bicycle storage, showers with changing cabins – for our peeps who’re passionate about active life 🚴

Have a look:   Open Positions

Getting Hired

After you send us your application, the number and format of interviews you will be asked to attend will depend on your skills and experience as well as the position you are applying for. However, the typical process is as follows:

Application Review

Intro Interview

Technical Assignment

Team Fit Interview

Your Job Offer!

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Would you like to learn more about our team and the projects we undertake before applying? If so, please read on.

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