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Download Robotic Process Automation Case Studies

We have selected several case studies from our list of successfully implemented RPA solutions. They illustrate some of the real examples of challenges companies overcome with the help of RPA solutions.

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What is inside

  • Robotic Process Automation in a Nutshell
  • Case Study 1: Metasite internal processes
  • Case Study 2: Insurance company
  • Case Study 3: Property Administration Company
  • Metasite Group at a glance

Brief introduction

Metasite Business Solutions RPA team have been automating processes in financial, administrative and other business sectors since 2016.

Here at Metasite Business Solutions RPA team, we have one golden rule: if a process can be automated with software robot, it doesn’t necessarily mean it should.

We’re always looking for the most cost-effective and accurate solutions for businesses that would drive ROI in a perspective of years. Extensive experience in IT field enables us to precisely identify what solution would suit client business needs the best. Sometimes a simple integration layer would solve the problem. For everything else there is an RPA.

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