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SEPA Payments Plug-In Application

Access SEPA payments by connecting your core system to the Bank of Lithuania CENTROlink payment system.

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  • Fully customisable middleware engineered to fit your needs
  • Hosted in your infrastructure to maximise decision-making freedom
  • Smooth walk-through the integration process by subject matter experts

Access SEPA Payments Faster

Metasite SEPA Payments Plug-In Application allows financial organisations and fintechs shorten their integration to the Bank of Lithuania CENTROlink payment system and benefit from a full range of SEPA services.

Our delivery team and SEPA subject matter experts provide clients with dedicated support in every stage of the integration process as well as during a post-integration stage. Robust application architecture has been designed to minimise risks, support additional customisations and modules required by businesses.

SEPA Instant Payments
SCT Inst payment scheme

  • Setup
  • Signing with HSM
  • Acceptance testing

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SEPA Credit Transfers
SCT payment scheme

  • Setup
  • Signing with HSM
  • Acceptance testing

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SEPA Direct Debit (Core)
SDD payment scheme

  • Setup
  • Signing with HSM
  • Acceptance testing

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Key Functionalities

Banking system messages processed and generated to SEPA data format (ISO 20022).

Simplified payment flow and handling from the perspective of the client’s core system.

Centralised message repository to store states of sent and received messages.

Automated maintenance and updates of necessary payment message states.

Communication with the client’s core banking system using message queues.

XML signing implementation with a preferred Hardware Security Module vendor.

How It Works

SEPA Payments Plug-In Application is a messaging engine between the CENTROlink payment system by the Bank of Lithuania and your banking core system. To ensure robust architecture, incoming and outgoing message queues are the primary method of communication between your core banking and the application.

The application interacts with the CENTROlink payment system by translating JSON messages into ISO 20020 compliant XML files, signing them with a Hardware Security Module (HSM) – an integral part of the payment flow execution, and sending the files via an established connection method with the Bank of Lithuania.

SEPA app context diagram

Technology Stack

Solution Ownership Options

At Metasite, we value quality, clarity and flexibility. Therefore each bespoke digital financial platform and application is engineered by our developers with the utmost attention to the client’s needs. Metasite SEPA Payments Plug-In Application is no different – we offer flexibility in terms of the solution ownership.

Two ownership and delivery options are available – Software Licence and Application Executable File (*.jar). None of these options limits the transaction volume executed by the SEPA Payments Plug-In Application and doe not incorporate transaction-based fees due to the nature of the solution ownership.

To ensure risk mitigation and technical compliance with the Bank of Lithuania, we offer post-project support and up-to-date application maintenance services. This guarantees peace of mind over critical business operations and delegates implementation of regular quarterly CENTROlink updates.

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HSM Integration Options

Hardware Security Module (HSM) is an integral part of the payment flow execution via the CENTROlink payment system. HSMs are widely used in banking to provide the highest level of security for cryptographic keys that are used to sign each XML for payment transactions.

A variety of HSM vendors allows businesses to pick the most suitable option depending on the technology stack, infrastructure, pricing or other requirements.

Metasite SEPA Payments Plug-In Application supports direct and files modes.

Available HSM vendors to integrate with:

  • SafeNet USB HSM (may be purchased during onboarding to CENTROlink)
  • Utimaco HSM
  • Google Cloud HSM
  • AWS CloudHSM*
  • Azure Dedicated HSM*
* Implementation to HSM providers available upon request.


Well-specified documentation provided to the client contains the message process supported by the CENTROlink payment system and defines payment message schemes in a JSON format. JSON contracts contain mandatory fields to comply with regulatory requirements, yet may be customised to meet different business needs compliant with the ISO 20022 standard. Necessary data and message types alongside reason codes are specified according to the current CENTROlink functionality and are accompanied by descriptions for appropriate logging.

Download sample documentation

Testing with Metasite

To access the SEPA environment, financial organisations must comply with the Bank of Lithuania by providing a test log of completed scenarios. Currently, there are over 30 test cases that must be tested in CENTROlink as well as in the external payment systems according to the SEPA payment scheme of the client’s choice. This is required in order to verify that the solution works in accordance with the regulatory requirements and may be taken live for payment processing.

Being an official integrator for the Bank of Lithuania, Metasite team works together as a third party with clients to help them pass CENTROlink acceptance testing.

Recent Projects

SEPA payments: smooth, confident go-live for Verse (Cash App/Square)

Metasite implemented the client’s core system integration to the Central Bank of Lithuania CENTROLINK payment system to enable SEPA instant payments and credit transfers.

For a P2P payment fintech servicing 500,000+ customers, launching SEPA payments was critical and appeared to be a huge success. Verse digital wallet now allows people to share payments instantly, safely, and free of charge in select European countries.

Learn more: Verse confidently rolls out SEPA payments thanks to Metasite expertise

Tailored Payment Processor for a Global Financial Institution
A customised payment processor that connects the client’s secure trading system to the SEPA credit transfer scheme via the Bank of Lithuania.

SEPA Payment Gateway Implementation for a Regional Banking Platform Vendor
Development of payment gateway as an extension of a banking platform in order to access SEPA credit transfers and instant payments via the CENTROlink payment system operated by the Bank of Lithuania.

SEPA Credit Transfers Integration to the CENTROlink for a European-Brasilian Payment Institution
Implementation of the standard Metasite SEPA Payments Plug-in Application.

Access to SEPA Instant Payments for a Payment Service Provider
Tailored Metasite SEPA Payments Plug-in Application setup and customisations to the client’s web-bank.

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