What is Custom Enterprise Software?

When standardized software does not fit your needs, custom enterprise software comes to the rescue. High software development productivity has reached a point where it is economically feasible to create a business system from scratch.

Why Metasite?

Metasite provides custom software engineering and enterprise grade integration solutions to the most demanding clients in the Baltic states, UK, Poland, Oman, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine and elsewhere. We build web applications and enterprise systems using Service Oriented Architecture, Java and open workflow platforms such as JBOSS Business Process Engine or Oracle Fusion Middleware. Building your applications on this foundation gives you control, manageability, and cost effectiveness. We use agile development methodology to ensure smooth and efficient delivery.

What is Service Oriented Infrastructure (SOA)?

In a nutshell, SOA is a best practice to:

  • Integrate all applications via a hub (integration bus), not directly
  • Wrap different business functions as web services
  • Describe complex interactions using Business Process Markup Language

SOA is a good idea if your company is starting to, or has already automated, several business processes.

How can You find out more?

Talk to our technology team to discuss your needs and our experience in this area.

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What is Big Data analytics? 
Big data analytics deals with huge volumes of data, applying machine learning algorithms to detect patterns, and deliver major business insights through better understanding of customer behavior. 
Why us?
Metasite has developed a number of advanced artificial-intelligence based customer behavior prediction technologies for telecommunications, retail banking and energy sectors.  
We address the most pressing prediction and forecasting problems, such as:
  • Churn – identifying the most risky customers
  • Prediction of usage – identifying electricity, mobile traffic usage patterns, regular money movements in accounts 
  • Price elasticity – identifying customers least and most sensitive to specific changes in pricing of services and products  
  • Missing products / up-sell – identifying best customers for a specific product, or recommending products for a specific customer 

What do we offer?

We make specialized, no-frills automated software+hardware appliances that use cutting edge mathematics and open source platforms to tackle Big Data problems cost effectively. Be it half a billion transactions per month or a few hundred billion - we can do it on open-source, with massively scalable back-ends such as HBase

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