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Meet Arnoldas: Behind the Scenes of Building Bridges as Metasite’s CBDO

Dive into the world of Arnoldas, Metasite’s Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO), whose passion for people and progress defines his approach to business. In this interview, we explore the journey, challenges, and joys that have shaped his role and the culture of continuous learning.

Why do you do what you do – in other words, why does being a CBDO tickle your fancy?

I suppose the tickle comes from being a people’s person. I’ve always enjoyed assisting people in reaching their goals. A crucial piece of my work as a business development person is not looking into selling my services, it’s to be useful to the person kind enough to talk to me. It’s by no means easy, but if this happens through Metasite services or otherwise – this is the thrill and the satisfaction which motivates me to move forward. In turn, this makes every day/week/month unique, which I thoroughly enjoy and value.

What was the path that led to you becoming a CBDO at Metasite?

I am an engineer by training. My (although junior) engineer insights were unique and instrumental for my previous employer’s manufacturing team, attracting German manufacturers to Lithuania. The Investment advisor’s path led to opening the government agency’s foreign office in Munich, where I forged strong connections with the DACH region as well as Baltic companies actively developing their businesses in the area. This in turn yielded connections that have introduced me to the Software development world, where I have been operating in some shape or form ever since my ‘homeland service’ chapter ended. In one way or another, every role undertaken featured common elements – winning the hearts and minds of exceptionally busy people through value creation.

If you had to explain what you do at Metasite in 2-3 sentences (or more :) ) – how would you explain it?

Think of Metasite as your tactical team during a building renovation. We rarely construct the structure ourselves, although we might add a floor. But we can renovate the facade, install new cabling, and increase the comfort for the residents. Much like that, we assist financial services organisations needing to link previously unconnected systems/data, enhance the features, and adapt to regulatory or internal/external customers’ needs. In short – we code the bespoke connections between your legacy systems and modern IT infrastructure.

What are the things you like and enjoy the most in your work?

I enjoy being in the settings of smart people. Starting from my expert IT colleagues to brilliant minds within the Metasite family of companies, to the intelligent heads responsible for shaping the present and the future of the financial industry across Europe. Being able to learn a lot about people and the world we live in – makes getting out of bed in the morning an easy feat.

What are the things you dislike the most in your work? :)

It’s likely the duality of managing both the present and future tasks simultaneously and the resulting need to divide my attention between these two contrasting demands. For example, while addressing day-to-day tasks that require immediate attention, I might also be preparing for a conference scheduled two weeks ahead. This balancing act—juggling priorities and determining their importance levels—can be challenging, especially when trying to stay present and live the current moment.

How do you expect your field to evolve over the next 5-10 years? Are there any recent developments that you feel are likely to shape its evolution in a significant way?

With increasing automation and assistance in everything we do – I expect the relationships and trust between people to grow in importance.

What’s next on your “to-learn” bucket list?

Uff… don’t get me started :D As a professional, I’m keen to delve into a few books on sales theory and relationship management—not those authored by self-proclaimed gurus, but rather by individuals like Ben Horowitz and others in his league.

As a hobbyist, I find myself lagging in regaining my piano skills and would love to brush up on my skiing abilities. I’m also eager to explore more about long-distance cycling

Who/what inspires you?

Kindness in people. Staying humble and curious regardless of one’s past/title/failures/achievements.

Any recommendations for books, movies, or professionals in our field?

‘The Brain That Changes Itself’: The bravery of scientists not to give in to the cartographic outlook on a brain, assembling proof that our brain is a miraculous mechanism which can reinvent itself. As a child, I was born nearly blind with one eye. Now the same eye is at -3 which is a very livable inconvenience easily fixable with a pair of glasses. This is an example of a plastic brain, if and when treated accordingly.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things‘: A book I can only read 10-15 pages at a time. And I am in the process of reading for 2 years. Shout out to my buddy Edgaras for placing it in my hands.

Lost Birds‘ by Putrius: Written by a distant aunt of mine, depicting the reality of children living in Chicago in 1940-50s. The story is depicted through the eyes of an immigrant child, which deeply resonates with my family’s and country’s history.

TV series – ‘Game of Thrones!’.
TED talk – ‘Why We Need to Get Bored’.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my daily routine, I enjoy listening to high-quality tunes. Every week, 2-6 hours of my free time are dedicated to singing. I am holding down the low notes as a second bass in an amazing-sounding choir, BelCanto. I love camping and travelling all over the place in my self-built VW T5 campervan. Enjoy taking long walks with my dog, Ipa.

Do you have a favourite quote?

Do or do not, there is no try.

– Yoda, Star Wars.

You can’t make the first impression twice.

– Author unknown.

If you were asked to name your most important accomplishment in life – what would you name?

I somehow managed to secure the trust and love of my wife Ieva.

What does #MetasiteLife feel like for you?

Metasite is a mature organisation that has deeply integrated work-life balance into its DNA. The willingness to help, professionalism, and mutual respect among colleagues are absolutely top-notch. Other than that, we have great fun and properly celebrate both the small and big wins

What have you gained from working at Metasite?

Working at Metasite, I’ve been exposed to high-level decision-making and share responsibility for the business development framework. This level of responsibility has constructed a unique module in my brain—a thought framework that I have been nurturing ever since I joined Metasite.

What advice would you offer to prospective Metasite candidates?

Ask yourself twice if being forever curious suits you as a person.


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