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Modernising a Digital Platform for a Major British Financial Services Provider

We partnered with a prominent British technology-led services and payments company to modernise their digital platform, which serves 4 million individual stockholders. The platform enables users to build investment portfolios, enrol in Direct Stock Purchase Plans and Employee Plans, and access eDelivery of statements, among other features.

Our team rebuilt the user-facing frontend application, implemented updated user journeys, and ensured a mobile-friendly experience. The multi-layered project was completed in two-week sprints, and the platform was launched into production using a phased approach.

UK · Financial Services · Investments · Self-Service Portals · .NET · React

Revamp of Data Infrastructure for a Global Fiduciary Manager with $100bn+ Assets

Metasite modernised the data infrastructure of a multinational fiduciary manager with over $100 billion in assets. The existing system, scattered across multiple on-premise repositories, was transformed into a unified, cloud-native data platform on Microsoft Azure.

The new data platform caters to four key use-cases: data services, master trust customer analytics, regulatory compliance, and client reporting. This robust solution, replacing the legacy Oracle system, has improved security, streamlined data management, and boosted in-house and third-party development capabilities, future-proofing the client’s data needs.

UK · Insurance, Life and Pensions · Data Platform · Microsoft Azure

Alpha capture and market simulation platform for a global quantitative hedge fund

Global quantitative investment manager Man AHL, a pioneer in systematic trading, collaborated with our team to redesign and redevelop their secure extranet and market simulation system.

The project involved reimagining the UI, streamlining workflows, enhancing usability, adding new features, and rebuilding the platform on a new framework. A robust Python-based backend served as middleware, integrating the user-facing extranet with Man AHL’s internal systems.

UK · Investment Management · Hedge Funds · Extranets · Angular · Python

Digital Pension Scheme Self-Service Solution for a $15bn Insurance Advisory Firm

We partnered with a $15bn+ British-American multinational risk management and insurance advisory company to redesign and modernise their digital self-service platform used by over two million pension scheme members.

After employing TOGAF to complete the initial Technical Design Blueprinting exercise, we implemented multi-tenancy, legacy backend integration, third-party provider connections, and enhanced content tailoring. This project marked the client’s first successful adoption of agile software delivery, and our collaboration continues.

UK · Insurance · Life & Pensions · Self-Service Portals · .NET · React

Cloud-based Valuation & Risk Modelling Platform for Derivatives

We collaborated with London City-based Solum Financial to develop a cloud-based derivatives valuation and risk modelling platform. Our work included refining specifications, designing a user-friendly interface, and overseeing delivery, testing, deployment, and support.

Now offered as SaaS to global financial institutions and enterprises, the platform integrates with OpenGamma Strata, an open-source analytics and market risk library, delivering capabilities like pricing, analytics, curve calibration, scenario evaluation, trade modelling, and market data representation.

Client project case study + customer testimonial: Solum Financial (United Kingdom)

Digital Insurance Customer Self-Service for an RSA Group-owned Regional Insurance Leader

Metasite collaborated with a leading regional insurer, then part of the RSA Group, to design, develop, deploy, and maintain their new customer self-service platform.

Our UX designers worked closely with the client’s managers to create an appealing online experience for both end-customers and customer service representatives, involving real customers in iterative testing of functional prototypes and designs. The Java and Oracle DBMS-based solution was integrated with the core insurance system, TIA, via a set of web-services, with performance enhancements also achieved during the process.

EU · Insurance · P&C · Customer Self-Service Portals

Digital Customer and Partner Self-Service Solutions for ERGO Life and P&C Insurance

For over a decade, Metasite collaborated with a number of ERGO insurance companies, crafting online customer self-service systems, e-sales sites, partner and agent portals, and implementing integrations with legacy and third-party systems.

Our work spanned developing insurance sales and self-service portals for ERGO P&C insurers, building online self-service, CRM and sales platforms for ERGO Life Insurance, and implementing a Single Sign-On solution for secure access to multiple internal ERGO systems.

EU · Insurance · Life · P&C · Customer and Partner Self-Service Portals

Enhancing Trade Execution Middleware for a Leading Quantitative Investment Manager

We collaborated with Man AHL’s Central Trade Execution team, responsible for overseeing $5 trillion in annual trades, to undertake a significant infrastructure migration and key core system enhancements.

Over 2.5 years, three of our software engineers expanded and refactored the trade execution middleware. This included implementing an OMS connector to Bloomberg EMS and developing a new FIX connector to Bloomberg within the extensive OMS codebase. The project was completed ahead of schedule, leaving the codebase significantly more robust than before.

UK · Investment Management · Hedge Funds · Middleware · OMS · EMS · Java

Delivering a new DXM Solution for Vontobel: Swiss Asset Manager with CHF 120bn AUM

Vontobel Asset Management, a global multi-boutique firm, engaged us to migrate their product and marketing information portal to a new Digital eXperience Management (DXM) platform.

With over 440 employees across 17 locations, Vontobel serves pension funds, banks, insurance companies, and asset managers. Our implementation involved setting up the new DXM platform, integrating multiple backends, and developing bespoke financial data distribution and access management features to ensure efficient presentation and distribution of product-related information.

Switzerland · Investment Management · Digital Customer Experience

Messaging Hub for a Global Top 3 Stock Exchange: Support and Development

Metasite took over the support and development of a vital messaging hub application for a Global Top 3 Stock Exchange. Initially developed by another supplier, the messaging hub managed regional market fund transfers using message queues, routing messages from multiple participants to consumers such as pension funds.

Our team has provided ongoing support for the hub, addressing application improvements driven by regulatory changes and downstream feature support (e.g. new SWIFT features). We also handle incident resolutions and support for the Exchange’s Ops team.

EU · Capital Markets · Backend · Java

Empowering Bond Radar: Global Primary Bond Market News & Analysis

We have been partnering with London-based BondRadar, a real-time news service for international bond markets, since 2002. As their go-to technology provider, our engineering team has been responsible for developing and maintaining their web platforms, custom Bloomberg integration, mobile apps, and REST API.

This ongoing 20-year collaboration has seen the continuous addition and refinement of features for Bond Radar, Loan Radar, and other related services, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy for major financial institutions engaged in the capital markets.

UK · Capital Markets · Backend · Frontend · Mobile Apps · APIs ·Bloomberg

Real-Time Trade Execution Performance Visualisation Dashboard for Man Group

Man Group, the world’s largest publicly-listed hedge fund manager, commissioned us to develop a bespoke real-time trading performance visualisation dashboard for their systematic trading division, Man AHL. Displayed on a giant floor-to-ceiling screen at their London HQ, the modular, browser-based dashboard enables real-time visualisation of trade execution data.

The admin panel also developed by our team allows the creation and customisation of data visualisation widgets, which can be selected and arranged on configurable dashboards for optimal display and usability.

UK · Investment Management · Hedge Funds · Data Visualisation · Analytics

TCO Reduction & Migration for Man Group’s Global Collection of Portals

We collaborated with Man Group to rebuild their global online platform, encompassing 30+ country-specific websites and various management systems. By leveraging an open-source content management framework and custom functionalities, we enhanced usability, performance, and reduced the overall total cost of ownership.

The new platform resulted in significant maintenance cost reduction, faster production releases, improved backup infrastructure switch time, real-time data synchronization, and increased flexibility for future developments.

UK · Investment Management · Hedge Funds · Web Portals

Cloud-Based RegTech Solution for Efficient FATCA/CRS Data Capture and Validation

Our client, a London-based RegTech offering financial crime prevention and operational support services to banks and investment managers, partnered with us to develop a self-service FATCA/CRS platform.

The newly built cloud-based solution streamlines IRS W-series form capture for tax compliance, enhances the FATCA/CRS reporting form UX, automates data validation and quality checks, and significantly boosts operational efficiency. Deployed for a leading UK online investment service with over 1 million users and £30bn AUM, the project also included customer data migration to the new platform.

UK · RegTech · Data Capture · Web

Investment Manager Performance & Risk Platform Used by 300 Trust and Advice Firms

We developed a digital service for a London-based client, connecting advisors and wealth managers by providing performance benchmarks for portfolios managed in a fiduciary capacity.

The platform features an aggregated investment manager web UI, acting as a hub for finding, comparing, and selecting discretionary managers for clients. With dozens of contributors from Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia, the platform enables in-depth performance analysis, visual comparisons, a directory of managers and investment strategies, and portfolio data analytics.

UK · Investment Management · Data Visualisation · Analytics

Web portal for Swedbank: guiding users through a myriad of financial products

As part of a region-wide rebranding effort, Swedbank turned to Metasite for a complete redesign of its customer web portal frontend and a full rewrite of its backend platform.

Our software engineering team designed and implemented a new secure and robust public portal backend platform. The new portal was soon serving over 3m visits monthly.

We also assisted Swedbank in designing and implementing an online personal finance management toolbox for its residential customers.

EU · Retail and Business Banking · Web · CMS

Enabling Eurozone-Wide SEPA Payments for Verse, Now Part of Cash App/Square

Metasite’s fintech engineers played a crucial role in helping Verse Payments successfully launch instant mobile app payments across the Eurozone, a service now utilised by over half a million customers and counting.

Our team developed SEPA Payments Plug-In Application, which allowed Verse to seamlessly integrate and manage the full range of cross-border payments. This collaboration not only expanded Verse’s reach and capabilities but also drove a significant increase in payment transactions, strengthening their position in the market.

EU · Banking and Payments · SEPA · Integrations

Blockchain-Based Green Energy Exchange MVP for WePower: Connecting Producers and Users

WePower, a distributed energy exchange platform (DApp), sought Metasite’s expertise to design and build their MVP. Our team developed the architecture and a fully functional prototype, enabling WePower to raise $40 million in funding.

The platform relied on Ethereum blockchain for secure transactions and kWh token ownership, smart contracts for business logic, and the Metamask Chrome plugin for direct user connections without third-party involvement. WePower has since tokenized an entire EU country’s national grid and opened up the direct PPA market in Australia.

EU · Blockchain · DApps · Smart Contracts · Web Frontend

Developing and Supporting Core Systems for Watu Credit, a Micro-Financer

Watu Credit, a multinational asset-financing company specialising in motor vehicle loans, enlisted Metasite as their primary tech partner to develop and support their core IT systems.

Our engineering team collaborated with the client’s in-house developers to upgrade their main fintech platform and created a new onboarding system to streamline digital client application management. This enabled Watu Credit to efficiently launch operations in a growing number of new geographical markets.

EMEA · Asset Financing · Core Platform · Customer Onboarding · Microfinance

Revitalising a Legacy Codebase for Web-Based Financial Tools for a Leading Retail Bank

A prominent retail bank entrusted Metasite’s engineering team to take over, support, and further develop their legacy codebase, which powered a comprehensive collection of mortgage, life insurance, consumer credit calculators, fund comparison tools, and a client messaging centre application.

Our engineers successfully completed the takeover and continued to support and enhance the platform’s functionality for another four years, until it was eventually decommissioned.

EU · Consumer and Business Banking · Web

Building a Core Technology Platform for a Big Data Predictive Analytics Company

Metasite assisted a big data predictive analytics company in developing its core SaaS platform, focusing on telecommunications and retail industries. The platform manages customer-oriented processes, leveraging analytical and automation modules to drive superior business outcomes.

The solution offers acquisition, value management, and retention processes for business units, while providing a Data Lake for IT/Analysts. With 0.5PB of data managed across on-premises and cloud clusters, the platform operates over 500 predictive models and runs tens of thousands of jobs weekly.

EU · Big Data · Machine Learning · Predictive Analytics · SaaS

Developing and Supporting a BSS/Billing Platform for a Cable and Broadband Provider

Metasite assumed support and development responsibilities for a comprehensive BSS application suite at a leading nationwide cable service and broadband provider. The SOA-based platform encompassed customer and service activation, billing, rating, invoice generation, payment, and account management for digital TV, HDTV, internet access, and fixed telephony services.

Successfully completing the takeover, Metasite’s team has been maintaining and further developing the bespoke BSS solution for over nine years, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

EU · Telecommunications · Billing · BSS · Quad Play

White-Label Investment and Savings Platform UI for a U.S. Investment Advisory Firm

Metasite partnered with a U.S.-based fintech startup that provides white-label digital investment advisory solutions for large financial and non-financial enterprises.

Tasked with building a user-friendly frontend application, Metasite created an investment advisory platform UI featuring goal-oriented investment and savings plans, supported by intelligent investment decisions tailored to individual risk profiles.

USA · Investment Advisory · Web UI · Digital User Experience · Frontend

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