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Lina’s Metasite Journey: Leading, Learning, and Loving IT

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Welcome to another instalment in our Employee Spotlight series! This time, we’re featuring a colleague whose story stands as an inspiration for anyone pondering a career change. Meet Lina – a dynamic software delivery team leader at Metasite who’s carved a path from finance to IT, showing us that it’s never too late to pivot and pursue your passion.

From Finance to IT – Lina’s Unconventional Journey

Lina's mood at Metasite :)

Lina’s mood at Metasite :)

Why did Lina choose to lead a software delivery team at Metasite? She loves that it’s never monotonous. “Each time you need to dig deeper into a different situation, meet and communicate with different people, think and find different and flexible solutions,” she says. “You can provide your ideas and contribute to the creation of tomorrow’s world.”

Lina’s path to Metasite was a winding one. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Finance and starting her career as a Financial Analyst, Lina found herself seeking more challenges. When her employer asked her to assist the IT team, she discovered a whole new world of exciting possibilities. One role led to another, and Lina found herself transitioning into the IT sector.

At Metasite, Lina provides effective solutions and helps her team reach their goals by reducing obstacles and fostering a happy work environment. She loves the ability to act flexibly and work with goal-oriented people. “Moreover, there are also possibilities to learn new things, improve your skills, and increase your competencies,” she adds.

The Mindset That Inspires Lina

What inspires Lina? Walks in nature, visiting new places …and her colleagues in the IT sector, who are passionate and positive! Their commitment to achieving the best possible results motivates her.

In her leisure time, Lina enjoys a good film and recommends watching action, science fiction, and fantasy movies. Some of her favourites include the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Shutter Island, Inception, Interstellar, The Martian, and the TV series Game of Thrones and For All Mankind.

What #MetasiteLife Means to Lina

Lina in Flight!

Lina, trying to push herself higher and higher!

When asked about #MetasiteLife, the first thing that comes to Lina’s mind is quality – both in work and personal life. “People at Metasite are broad-minded and passionate about what they do!”

In her free time, Lina enjoys active pursuits such as volleyball, biking, and exploring new places.

Despite her success as a team lead, Lina’s learning bucket list is far from complete. She’s keen on enhancing her project management and leadership knowledge and technical skills.

And if she could choose a superpower? “Teleportation and the possibility to slow down time,” she laughs.

The Best Tools of the Trade

As a team leader, Lina finds tools like Microsoft Office, Jira, and Confluence invaluable. She’s also impressed by the ease of use of Axure software. For her, the most memorable project at Metasite so far involved building a financial platform and a public website from scratch. “It was interesting because you can try different things and can be more flexible with various solutions,” she shares.

Lina has gained much from her time at Metasite – from the chance to work with passionate and motivated colleagues, to the opportunity for growth and learning. Her advice to prospective Metasite candidates? “Keep your passion for new technologies, constant improvement, and collaborative work.”

Thanks to Lina for sharing her inspiring story with us. Join us next time for another Employee Spotlight, where we delve deeper into the lives of the people who make Metasite an exciting place to work.

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