2022 a high-growth year for Metasite: revenues up 33%

2022 marked a period of substantial growth and increasing influence in the financial services sector for Metasite. Financially, Metasite attained 33% revenue growth compared to 2021. The company owes 78% of 2022 revenues to serving prominent financial industry clients across the UK and Switzerland markets. The combined market capitalization of these financial institutions we worked with totalled $87 billion last year, underscoring Metasite’s expanding footprint in the banking and financial services industry.

Beyond impressive growth statistics, Metasite measures success by the value we provide to clients and the expertise of our teams. Our customer-centric approach and delivery of high-quality financial technology services by our skilled professionals set us apart.

The seniority and longevity of our staff also fuels our progress. 44% of Metasite’s team members hold a senior position, while 30% have been with the company for over 7 years. This degree of experience facilitates valuable knowledge sharing and continuous competency building.

In conclusion, 2022 was an outstanding year thanks to our clients’ trust in Metasite to assist them in accomplishing their strategic goals, and to the dedication of our teams who made this success possible through expertise and customer focus. As we move forward, we remain devoted to partnering with prominent financial institutions across the UK, Switzerland, and beyond.