Metasite engineers take home the prestigious Dev Team of the Year award at the 2023 Build Stuff Software Development Conference

We are excited to share some fantastic news – one of our software delivery teams has been recognised as the Dev Team of the Year at the 2023 Build Stuff Tech Awards!

The Winning Team

The decorated team consists of Donatas Zubavičius, Jevgenij Teodorovič, Mindaugas Urbontaitis, Edvinas Zabita, Edvardas Skulskis, and is led by Team Lead Sandra Giedraitiene. This group of exceptionally talented software architects and engineers was commended for their work crafting an innovative Derivatives Portfolio Valuation Platform.

The Groundbreaking Platform

Leveraging concepts like time travel and data excellence, the team brought the client’s vision into reality. They implemented clever solutions to surmount complex technical obstacles and deliver a high-quality platform. It empowers valuating sizable derivatives portfolios utilizing historical data – unlocking immense value for auditing and risk management.

Excellence in Execution

The team deftly combined cutting-edge technologies such as Kafka, Kubernetes, and NoSQL databases with deep domain knowledge in intricate financial instruments. The outcome is an agile yet robust platform that surpasses the client’s expectations in performance and capabilities.

Impact of the Recognition

The Build Stuff Awards honor tech professionals exemplifying confidence, ambition, integrity, and impact as developers and leaders in the dynamic world of software engineering. By winning Dev Team of the Year, our team’s stellar qualities and meaningful contributions have received prominent recognition in front of thousands of industry peers.

This inspires our broader teams to keep pushing boundaries and striving for excellence. We are determined to continue developing innovative software that solves complex business problems and tangibly benefits clients worldwide.

About Metasite:

Metasite provides digital product development and legacy modernisation services to banks, payment institutions, insurance companies, investment managers and other financial sector companies in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the U.S. and other countries. The company’s clients include Man Group, Nasdaq, Vontobel Asset Management, Equiniti, British Land, Solum Financial, Bond Radar, Swedbank and many others. In September, the combined market capitalisation of all publicly traded Metasite clients amounted to US$77bn, while total assets under management by our customers exceeded US$820bn.