Metasite launches next generation consumer portals for Bitė Lietuva and Bite Latvija

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, July 19, 2005 – Today Metasite launched the next generation version of the consumer portals for Bitė Lietuva and Bite Latvija. The upgraded and portals feature new interactive services, updated and entirely new content sections and a new design.

Websites content structure has been reviewed and updated: a clearer structure, simplified navigation and improved menu will help Bitė customers find necessary information about the company, its products and services more quickly and easily.

New functionality features have been introduced, such as feedback functionality in every website page, completely renewed Mobile phones section with improved search and various handsets selection and comparison tools.

“At Metasite, we enthusiastically took the challenge to develop the 3rd generation of Bitė corporate websites. We are very glad to work with a customer who understands the importance of internet as a communication channel and therefore encourages innovations and interactive communication with the end users via the website” – comments Mantė Januškevičienė, Head of Mobile Services and Internet Solutions Department at Metasite.

Together with Bitė Lietuva and Bite Latvija corporate websites, Bitė Group corporate website has been redesigned and launched.