Metasite SEPA Payments Plug-In Application launched

We’re happy to announce that our SEPA Payments Plug-In Application page is now live! 

If you are a challenger bank, e-money institution (EMI) or payment service provider (PSP) looking to access SEPA payments by connecting your core system to the Bank of Lithuania’s CENTROlink payment system, see our SEPA Payments Plug-In Application.

The application is a fully customisable middleware engineered by our top-notch software developers and SEPA experts to allow you benefit from a full range of SEPA services – instant payments, credit transfers and direct debit – faster.

Hosted in your infrastructure, the middleware cuts out the need for payment intermediaries. Robust application architecture has been designed to minimise risks, support additional customisations and modules required by businesses. The application interacts with the CENTROlink payment system by translating JSON messages into ISO 20020 compliant XML files, signing them with a Hardware Security Module (HSM) – an integral part of the payment flow execution, and sending the files via an established connection method with the Central Bank of Lithuania.

Metasite delivery team provides clients with dedicated support in every stage of the integration process as well as during a post-integration stage. 

Visit Metasite SEPA Payments Plug-In Application to discover the key functionalities and download sample documentation.

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