Metasite completes the development of the Bond Radar financial information service site

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, April 30, 2003 – Metasite, a leading management consulting and technology solutions firm, has completed the development of the global Bond Radar financial information service site.

In 3Q 2002 Metasite has been hired to design and engineer the Bond Radar site by London-based Bond Radar Ltd, a privately held financial information service provider. During the four month engagement, Metasite worked with Bond Radar experts detailing the business vision, defining the needed functionality and information architecture, designing and engineering the user interface and backend databases, and finally deploying the complete online commercial information service.

Launched on April 14, Bond Radar ( covers all aspects of the primary bond markets in the global emerging markets, backed by professionals with many years of experience and extensive contacts in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Bond Radar’s web site includes full coverage of rumoured and expected deals in the international bond markets, broken down on a regional and country basis. A full database of all bonds launched in the emerging markets enables a complete and comprehensive analysis of activity from sovereign, municipal, financial and corporate borrowers. Full data downloads are available, allowing in-house analysis and strategy development.

The newly launched Bond Radar website complements a similar emerging markets new issues and analysis feed available on the Bloomberg network (EMRD).