Metasite develops a new customer portal for RST, the dominant electricity distributor in Eastern Lithuania

VILNIUS, October 7, 2009 – Metasite developed and launched a new online customer portal AB Rytų skirstomieji tinklai (RST), one of the two largest electricity distributors in the country. The new customer portal is accessible at The scope of the project included development and implementation of a next generation content management system that was also integrated with RST’s internal information systems, ensuring effortless and timely updating of information made available to the users of the portal.

RST customers can turn to the new customer portal for notifications about planned electricity supply interruptions, enjoy RST marketing campaigns, explore the descriptions of RST services, browse RST assets on sale or available for rent. The portal also offers real-time RST stock trading data investors, interactive contacts section with integrated Google Maps components and a multitude of other interactive functionalities.