Metasite develops a next generation mobile sports lottery service for SL

VILNIUS, December 2, 2008 – Metasite developed and launched a new mobile sports lottery service for a Vilnius-based client. The service enables sports fans to wager on the results of sporting events by way of sending text messages (SMS).

„Betting using a cellphone is great for sports fans who are on the move – in their cars, at a restaurant or even at a sporting event itself“, – says Marius Vilimas, Head of System Development Department at Metasite. „Mobile betting has really made placing wagers fast, easy and very convenient.“ The service is already active for regular basketball game events: LKL, Euroleague, ULEB, European and World championships. Mobile betting on other kinds of sporting events, including football and Formula 1, is to be introduced during coming months.

All the information about betting, schedules, prize funds is accessible online at

The service is available for Bitė, Omnitel and Tele2 mobile service subscribers.