Metasite develops the next generation Banga portal for Bite GSM, a leading ISP and mobile network operator

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, September 18, 2000 – The fastest growing Lithuanian mobile network operator Bite GSM today unveiled the brand new Banga portal, targeted primarily at residential users and SMEs. The entire Banga portal solution was supplied by Metasite, a leading Lithuanian e-business consultancy.

The new Banga portal will form a strong foundation for the Bite GSM future e-commerce and m-commerce offerings. The portal shares its name with Bite GSM internet connectivity service launched earlier in this summer.

“The future of Lithuanian telecom companies will depend largely on their ability to develop and provide robust integrated wireless and internet solutions,” – said P. Kibisa, head of Bite GSM sales and marketing department. “Both the new ISP service and the Banga portal are playing key roles in Bite GSM overall business strategy”.

“I am convinced the Banga portal will rapidly grow into a serious competitor for the existing Lithuanian portal players”, said Aldas Kirvaitis, Managing Director of Metasite. – “Strong Bite GSM brand and developed position as a mobile network operator combined with e-business and web technology expertise of the Metasite team will prove to be a winning combination, attracting loads of new customers to Banga internet connectivity service and building a loyal user base for the portal.”

“Building a quality portal in such a radically compressed timeframe was a major challenge to our growing company”, said Sarunas Chomentauskas, head of the new product development at Metasite. “I am very glad that we managed to deliver a killer product strictly on time. We will keep on working with Bite GSM to enhance and extend the Banga site in the coming months, continuously developing new features and improving user experiences. With so many half-baked portal projects out there, quality is the name of the game for those seeking a dominant position.”