Meet Metasite at the League of Investors 2000 conference in Vilnius on October 24

Seeking to serve the ebusiness community in the Baltics even better, Metasite will have a visible presence in the international League of Investors 2000 conference organised by the Infobalt association and sponsored by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania (for more information about the conference, pay a visit to the Infobalt website).

In the first part, Investing in the New E-Economy, Metasite will be doing a report named E-business in the Baltics: Beyond the Hype. The report will present a sobering look at the present e-business development trends in the Baltics, analyzing the core problems that obstruct the development path and lead to failures. You will learn:

  • why an e-business strategy is still optional in the Baltics and Eastern Europe
  • when will e-business really take off and who will be the main drivers
  • whether B2C or G2C models have any chances in the tiny Baltic markets
  • what strategies the successful companies will take and what results they will achieve

Held in the spectacular Le Meridien Villon hotel near Vilnius, the conference will feature high profile names from around the world: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Andersen Consulting, Gartner Group, Microsoft and Novel will all be there. Metasite is proud to be one of the two Lithuanian companies to be presenting reports along with the global monsters.

Metasite will also be present in the second part of the conference devoted to the real life investment projects. At 15:15 we will be doing an investor presentation named Metasite: an e-business professional services company for the Eastern and Central Europe. Our strategies, past performance and future plans will be discussed. All interested parties are welcome to participate.

If you cannot make it to the conference, do not despair. The E-business in the Baltics: Beyond the Hype report will be available on our website immediately after the conference, while we will always be ready for face to face discussions with potential investors.