Metasite launches the official online portal of the President of the Republic of Lithuania

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, May 6, 2005 – Today Metasite launched the next generation version of the official web portal of the President of the Republic of Lithuania His Excellency Valdas Adamkus. The upgraded portal features new interactive services, updated visuals and entirely new sections of content.

“At Metasite, we feel honored to be involved with the development and maintenance of the President’s official web portal that is one of the prime e-government destinations within the Lithuanian web. Our fruitful collaboration with the Office of the President extends back to eight years ago, and we hope it to continue in the future, ” said Jurga Zubinaitė, Head of the E-Channels Support and Development Department at Metasite Business Solutions. “When developing an online presence for the President, formal and reserved look and feel has to be finely balanced with the need for continuous live updates and user friendliness. Our people were well prepared for the challenge, and managed to produce a very much acceptable result.”

The upgraded version of the official Presidential portal replaced an older website that had been developed by Metasite consultants and engineers back in 1998. The original Presidential web portal was one of the first in the country to feature a custom-built content management system, allowing the Office of the President to provide near real-time online updates on the President’s activities, statements and views. Developed by a team of Metasite engineers, the portal’s content management system has undergone a number of major upgrades during its eight-year lifetime and continues to be used by the President’s staff today to keep the nation and the media in the know. “While during the recent years Metasite has focused on delivering consulting, research and development services to the financial services, telecommunications and energy industries, serving the Office of the President remains a duty that we fulfill with pride”, noted Jurga Zubinaitė. “We feel much obliged to Valdas Adamkus’ staff who put a lot of personal effort into the project, provided a lot of valuable insight and gave us support where it was most needed .”