Metasite works with Bitė GSM to bring the revolutionary Bitė Online mobile service to the market

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, November 3, 2005 – A team of seasoned Metasite strategists, product developers, usability engineers and software developers helped Bitė GSM to develop and launch probably the most ambitious mobile service offering of the year 2004.

Metasite collaborated with Bitė on planning and developing features of the service, designing user-friendly ordering and self-care processes, integrating the Bitė Online service with Bitė backend systems and actually launching the online service. Metasite has also been engaged in the development of Bitė Online marketing campaigns.

In a public press release distributed earlier today, Bitė GSM said:

‘From now on it is possible to start using mobile services or use a number portability service without leaving a convenience of home – via Internet. Telecommunications company “Bitė GSM” ensures this possibility by providing first in Lithuanian market mobile service sold and serviced via Internet “Bite online”. WEB page users will be able to order and receive a SIM card free of charge. Payments for services will also be carried out via Internet.

“We announce an e-revolution in Lithuanian mobile market and present the most modern product line offered for customers during this year. “Bitė online” will be the most convenient and fastest way to use mobile services”, – CEO of Bitė Jesper Theill Eriksen said. Bitė plans to get from 5 to 10 thousand ‘Bitė online” customers until the end of this year.

„Bitė online“ customers will use all usual mobile services – voice, WAP, SMS and MMS sending, BITĖ Plus service package as well as international calls.

Calls for „Bitė online“ customers will cost 0.37 Lt/min. to all networks round the clock, SMS in Lithuania– 0.10 Lt. Very attractive international tarriffs are offered as well. Prices for calls to Europe, Russia, ISU countries, North and Central Americas will be only 0.49 Lt/min. Calls to Australia, Saouth America and various exotic countries will cost 2.49 Lt/min.

In order to become a “Bite online” customer it is needed to fill in uncomplicated form in Web page and to choose from ten offered mobile phone numbers. This procedure will take less than a minute. SIM card for new BITĖ customers will be delivered to the stated address in two working days or even faster by “Lex system”. It will be possible to order up to 4 SIM cards at once. In addition to that, customers of other operators by entering additional data will be able to port their numbers and start using “Bite online” without leaving their homes.

Customers will be able to compare “Bitė online” and all the other operators’ and prepaid tariiffs via Internet. It will be possible to get the call statistics and itemised bill for last two weeks period free of charge.

It is offered to carry out payments for calls and services by using Vilniaus bankas and “Hansabankas” e-banking services. All help and customer care for “Bite online” customers will be delivered via Internet as well.

„Popularity of such Internet based services is growing very fast all over Europe as everything is more convenient, faster and cheaper in Internet. –J.T.Eriksen said. – European mobile companies serving customers via Internet are the ones that are growing fastest lately. For example, in Denmark almost one third of population is using mobile service sold and serviced via Internet”.’

About Bitė GSM:

With over 800,000 customers using its network, Bitė GSM is the second largest mobile telecommunication company in Lithuania according to the revenue, providing its customers with comprehensive mobile connection, data transmission and internet services. 100 percent owned by the Danish group TDC, Bitė GSM has been operating in Lithuania since 1995.

For further information please email or fax your inquiry to +37069900111. Bitė on the web: