Metasite launches the new ERGO insurance services portal

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, February 13, 2003 – The online insurance services portal of the ERGO insurance group in Lithuania has been launched today, offering existing and potential customers in depth information on the financial products and a convenient way to get directly in touch with the ERGO insurance agents. The portal may be accessed by pointing your browser to

During the months preceding the launch, Metasite consultants have worked with ERGO Lietuva specialists to identify key areas where the use of internet channel offered the potential to create tangible and measurable improvements in the insurance company’s business. Once the strategy was refined and complete, Metasite experience designers and systems engineers proceeded with the development of a modern internet portal while the consultants focused on integrating the new portal-related processes with the existing process framework in use at ERGO Lietuva.

The resultant Internet portal has already attracted rapidly rising volumes of visitors and positive customer feedback. Following the launch, ERGO Lietuva and Metasite continue to work on even more new features scheduled for implementation later this year.