Metasite builds a solution for purchasing driver’s liability insurance online; launches a next generation version of portal

VILNIUS, 7 April 2007 – Metasite Business Solution collaborated with a leading Lithuanian insurance brokerage to build and launch the new version of service, now offering driver’s liability insurance policies for purchasing online.

The new service is unique in the flexibility and breadth of its offering, with customers being able to purchase online insurance policies from any one of the seven insurance companies, with the number of insurance companies expected to expand further in the future.

“Metasite consultants and usability engineers worked to design an online insurance buying experience that would be in line with our core usability engineering principle: to make it effortless for the user to do things online,” said Justas Aukstikalnis, the Metasite Business Solutions PM in charge of the project. “In that respect, the project was a worthy challenge both on the front-end and on the back-end, where our systems integrators had to ensure reliable and secure data interchange between the service and a number of insurance companies. The new service was launched on time and within budget, which is the best proof that our collaboration with the UADBB Solidus LT team was both effective and efficient.”

The online driver’s liability insurance sales and service project has been implemented by a team within the Metasite Financial Services Practice which has been dedicated to serving leading Lithuanian banks and insurance companies since its inception back in 2001.